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Welcome to the Gallery, a place to see crafty and creative items featuring Urban Threads embroidery designs. These projects were created by stitchers just like you. Click on a photo to see the details, and get ready to be inspired!
To see your work featured here, send photos and details to support@urbanthreads.com. We’d love to see your projects!
Friendly Foxes
Irish Baby
Stitch It Up
Dia de los Muertos Band Vest
From Paris with Love
Rabbit Friends
Funny Bones
Moth to a Fleece
Revolver Hoodie
Runway Worthy
Stag Bag
Love Wins Tee
Kentucky Derby Hats
Poppy Sleeve
Ascending Hawk Scarf
Las Flores Neckline
Doodle Dragon
Rockabilly Skulls
Angelic Leather Jacket
Blackthorn Jacket
Coffee: The Most Important Meal
Deerly Dress
Storybook Sweaters
Steampunk Dragonfly
Dreamy Hoodie
Cold Weather Apparel
Light Tees
Sweet Skulls on Denim
New Heights Raglan
Punky Shirt
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